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Abode Security System Canada Review

Abode Security System Canada Review


Abode offers a simple solution to people interested in getting home automation or security systems installed in their home at a fair price without having to commit to a long term contract. Though it sounds really good on the surface, I would strongly recommend you learn more about this company before getting sucked into their product offering. Here’s the pros and cons associated with Abode that you need to be aware of.

Abode Pro’s

The most popular thing about Abode’s security system is the fact that it is one of the easiest DIY security systems that you could install in your home. They have a smooth easy to use app that anyone could figured out within minutes and most people would agree that their web and app dashboard controls we designed perfectly…making it easy for you to navigate their system.

Abode also comes with cool voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant which can be very useful to tech savvy people like myself. If you’re not not much of a geeky person like I am, this probably won’t be very fascinating for you 🙂

Abode Cons

Everyone seems to agree that the basic low spec hardware which Adobe has disappoints most people. They all complain about it because after they receive Abode’s equipment in their homes, they tend to discover that the hardware is cheap and flimsy at best. Its a little disappointing because you know it will break easily and the fact that this company only has a one-year warranty (which is very short compared to what other companies offer)…you automatically know that you will soon be needing to buy a new system.

Another complaint people have about the Abode security system is the fact that their camera has very low resolution and the images you see on it tend be quite blurry. This is obviously a problem for most people because it defeats the purpose of actually having a home security camera. Adode’s sensors are also problematic. Many people have issues with them because the the connectivity is very patchy at best.


As you may have gathered by now, Adobe seems to have more pros than cons and when you consider everything about the company. I wouldn’t be to quick to select this company because they are so many other better options such as Frontpoint Security and Scout Alarm.