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ADT Security Services (Canada) Review

ADT Security Services (Canada) Review


Everybody knows that ADT is the largest provider of home security systems in Canada so it’s not surprising that their advertising material is practically everywhere you go. They are a well known brand that is trusted by a lot of people and for that very reason…many customers seem to be lining up to sign up for their special offer. So, whats so amazing about ADT home security systems anyway? Well, for starters…i’ve got to say their equipment is pretty good and they are a really big company. However, bigger is not always better and you need to make sure you choose a company that caters to your own personal needs. Here are all the pros and cons associated with this company.

ADT Canada Pro’s

ADT is known for having excellent customer service. Their team of friendly customer service reps seems to be willing to help you out any time of the day. The fact that they are easy to talk to is a big plus in my opinion because most big companies give you the round around when you need to get hold of them. Another interesting thing about ADT home security services is the fact that even if you are an existing customer, you can call them to upgrade your equipment. This a useful benefit to have because your security needs may change at any time.

ADT Canada Cons

You may have a hard time getting ADT to sell you their system outright, after your contract with them has expired. If this something you want to do, make sure you request it when decide to sign the agreement. A few people have also reported that the technicians who come to your home can sometimes leave a mess. This is not really a big deal for most home owners but i just thought to give you the heads up. I also need to tell you that ADT is slightly more expensive than other reliable companies such as Frontpoint Security.


ADT is a safe choice for people that are not price sensitive. They are a very reliable company worth looking into and I’d recommend checking them out. You can reach them at 1-888-556-6608 using PROMO CODE A98154 to take advantage of their current special offers. You want to make sure you give them that promo code so that you get the best possible deal. Alternatively, you can click here for more details.