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Alarmforce Canada Review

Alarmforce Canada Review


Alarmforce is a Toronto based company (owned by Bell Canada). They have over 25 years of experience in the home security industry and they have their own Two-Way Voice technology that supposedly allows them to notify the police within seconds if an intruder broke into your home. While all this may sound fine and dandy, I would suggest learning more about them before choosing them as your home security provider. Take a look at these pros and cons find out what everyone says about them.

Alarmforce Pro’s

Alarmforce is known for being reasonably priced but not necessarily the cheapest on the market. Thats OK though because security is an important aspect that you need covered for your home and the fact that Alarmforce isn’t too expensive is great thing for most people.

Their customer service reps are apparently pretty good so you can always get assistance from them without dreading to deal with rude reps. Alafrmforce may not the best in this department but they are better than a lot of other security companies in the industry, which is always good to know.

Alarmforce Cons

Most people dont like having to deal with professional installers coming to their home because they tend to leave your home in a mess after installing the system. Alamforce, unfortunately insists on sending out techs to install the system in your home so that can be a little troubling. In addition to that, you do not own the equipment that they install so in essence what you are doing is basically renting it from them, during the duration of your contract.

There has been reports that Alarmforce sometimes misleads it’s new customers into signing a 3 year contract with them without giving the customer details they need to know before signing up. In addition to that, many people have been complaining that their credit card continued getting billed after the 3 year contract was up…way after canceling Alarmforce’s service.

Another thing to be aware of is that some customers complain about Alarmforce’s monitoring services. There have been reports that sometimes your alarm might go off and you will get zero response from the company. Then after about 3 or 4 hours you might get a call from them informing you that someone or something triggered your alarm. This is obviously a problem that would have most of us concerned.


As you can already see for yourself…Alarmforce seems to have more cons than pros working in their favor but you can give them a shot if you are willing to take a chance. I would however recommend looking into better options such as Frontpoint Security, Scout Alarm, and SmartThings.