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Chubb Edwards Canada Review

Chubb Edwards Canada Review


Chubb Edwards is a Mississauga, Ontario based company that is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, which is apparently a unit of United Technologies Corp. Their strength lies in their fire alarm system services but they also offer home security to their customers. Here’s the pro’s and cons associated with them.

Chubb Edwards Pro’s

Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, Chubb Edwards is one of the best Canadian companies offering fire alarm monitoring services. This is the one thing that nobody can ever take away from them. So if you are more interested in fire protection for your home, Chubb Edwards might just be the right solution for your needs.

Chubb Edwards Cons

I often hear customers that have been with Chubb Edwards for multiple years complaining about how this company escalates their yearly costs on a regular basis. As you already know…this is not a very appealing proposition for customers who dont like spending more money than they have to. Those same customers also complain about Chubb Edwards having horrific maintenance experience and costs that will knock you off your feet.

This company apparently doesn’t have very good customer service. I hear that they sometimes have full voice mail inboxes and if you do manage to get through to voice mail and leave a message…don’t expect to get a quick response from them. They are also a company that requires people to have their techs come over to your house to install their security system. As you may already know, its not always a good idea to let the techs come over because they often leave your house in mess by the time they are done installing your system.


Now as I mentioned earlier Chubb Edwards is a good company to go with if fire protection is the main concern for your home. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend going with them. You would be better off with companies like Scout Alarm and Frontpoint instead because they are more reliable.