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Home Alarm Security System Reviews – Helping You Find the Best Home Security Systems in Canada for 2018

Compare Security Systems In Canada

Compare Security Systems In Canada

Frontpoint vs Scout

From all the security companies that I’ve reviewed on my site to date, Scout Alarm and Frontpoint Security are the two closest competitors that offer good deals to customers. However, only one of these companies can be rated the best…hence the reason why I’ll be comparing both of these companies neck to neck so that you see why Frontpoint is rated number one by most people. Bellow is a comparison chart highlighting what they both offer. Feel free to also read my in-depth reviews about both of these companies bellow before making a decision about which company to go with….READ MORE

Frontpoint vs ADT vs Vivint

So you’ve heard everyone talking about Frontpoint Security, ADT, and Vivint but you cant decide which company is right for your personal needs. If thats the case, don’t worry…many people are just like you. So with that in mind I just thought to create a nice head to head comparison of all three companies so that you can choose the company thats right for you….READ MORE 

Frontpoint vs Alarmforce

Since we all know that not all security companies are created equal, I thought it might be a good for you to read my in-depth reviews for both Frontpoint Security and Alarmforce so you can make an informed decision. However, in this article I aim to compare both of their features, side by side so you can have a basic understanding about what they have to offer. Free free to dig in….READ MORE

ADT vs Link Interactive

ADT and Link Interactive are vastly different because one of them is a DIY solution and the other is not. ADT is a traditional alarm company that has been in business for what seems like an eternity while Link Interactive, the smaller company between the two, specializes in providing people with a simple Do It Yourself alarm system. Bellow is a comparison chart highlighting each of the features that these companies have, and you can also read my in-depth reviews here as well….READ MORE

Alarmforce vs Vivint

Everyone is basically aware of both Alarmforce and Vivint because they are both big players in the Canadian home security industry. However, many people tend to wonder which of these companies is a better option to go with, if they were to choose between the two. Well, you don’t have to wonder any more my friends. The comparison chart bellow highlights each of these companies strengths and weaknesses….READ MORE

Frontpoint Vs ADT vs Protect America

If you are not familiar with Frontpoint, ADT, and Protect America…you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere. These companies are known for being household names in both Canada and the United States (though Protect America seems to have a much smaller Canadian presence). In any case, I figured you might want to compare the features of each of these companies before making a purchase. Here’s a comparison chart of all three of these companies and links to my must read reviews about each of them bellow….READ MORE

ADT vs Vivint

So you’ve most lightly heard about the two giants in the home security market called ADT and Vivint. These companies sell their services in both Canada and USA on a nationwide level and their brands appeal to some people in positive way. However, there are pros and cons for each of these companies which you will learn about in my full length reviews that you’ll see bellow the following comparison chart. For now, lets see what these companies have to offer….READ MORE

Frontpoint Vs Link Interactive

Like most people I know, we tend to look for the best deals available to us at any given time. However when it comes to home security I recommend doing the same thing…but you need to make sure you go with a company that will keep your property safe and secure. Hence the reason why Im doing this comparison review of Frontpoint Security and Link Interactive. These are both very affordable options but I would suggest reading my in-depth reviews located under the comparison table before making a purchase….READ MORE