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FrontPoint Security Canada Review

FrontPoint Security Canada Review


Frontpoint is a US based company that only focuses on providing people with the best wireless and cellular home security systems in Canada and the US. They were one of the first companies to leverage this technology and even to this day, they are still ahead of the curve. I like these guys because they are an affordable solution that anyone can use regardless of where you live. This makes them an interesting option…but what are the pros and cons to their services you wonder?

FrontPoint Security Pro’s

They offer wireless home security systems and GSM/Cellular-based monitoring services which allow you to protect your home without using a landline or internet connection. This is incredibly useful if you live in a rural area, or if you just want to cut back on your expenses.

Another interesting thing I discovered about Frontpoint is the fact that they don’t need to send an installer to your home because of the easy self-setup of their system. This is probably one of the reasons why Frontpoint alarm systems are more affordable than most of their competitors…meaning they don’t have to pay installers to visit your home, and they pass those savings onto you through lower prices.

Frontpoint also has a 30 day Risk Free Trial period which you can take advantage of while trying out their home security system.

FrontPoint Security Cons

The web seems to be packed with great reviews about this company so they must be doing something right. However, there have been a few reports claiming that Frontpoint’s customer service isn’t always great. I personally don’t buy that because I called them a couple of times to see how well they treat me, and to my surprise their reps actually gave me the VIP treatment when I called. You should give them a call to find out for yourself. Their phone number is 1 888-707-2339.


I find Frontpoint to be the best solution for price sensitive customers interested in saving money, so thats why I gave them a 5 star rating on my site. You can reach them at 1 888-707-2339 or learn more about their services on their offical website.