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iSmartAlarm Canada Review

iSmartAlarm Canada Review


ISmartAlarm is a pretty small Silicon Valley based company that was founded in 2012. Yes, i know my website is a Canadian based review site but these guys also provide service to Canadians as well…just like they do in the United States, hence the reason why Im reviewing them. Here are a few pros and cons that you need to be aware of before buying this DIY security system.

ISmartAlarm Pro’s

IsmartAlarm’s equipment seems to have a nice look and feel to it. It’s very sleek and everything about it looks good. Their customer service is not necessarily the best but they are quite responsive…being the small company that they are. Thier system doesn’t require a hard line in order to work properly so you can be assured that burglars wouldn’t be able to disconnect the wires if they tried breaking into your home.

ISmartAlarm Cons

The ISmartAlarm system isn’t known for being the easiest Do-It-Yourself alarm system to install. So with that in mind you basically have to assume that it will take you 2 times longer to install than they state on box. You also need to know that adding sensors can be a headache because the alarm system doesn’t detect them sometimes. This is quite annoying for most people because it takes a while to finally get them working.

Another thing to pay close attention to is the fact that this system only works well if you have internet and electricity. If your home falls short on either one of those things, the system will stop communicating with entirely. This is clearly not a very good thing because as we all know, internet connection sometimes goes down….meaning if an intruder came to your home while your internet was down, you would not even know.

People also seem to complain about the mobile UI. They say its not very user friendly and it takes a while for you to actually get used to it.


iSmartAlarm is a decent choice but there are far better options such as Scout Alarm, SmartThings and Frontpoint which are also worth looking into. However, if you have made up your mind that iSmartAlarm is the right company for you, it might be be a good idea to take advantage of their deals on Amazon.