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Protect America (Canada) Review

Protect America (Canada) Review


Protect America is a US based company like their name suggests. They recently started operating in the following Canadian Provinces:

>> Alberta

>> British Columbia

>> Ontario

>> Saskatchewan

>> Manitoba

Since they are relatively new to the Canadian scene, i don’t have much feedback about their services. However, I can tell you what everyone is saying about them in the US.

Protect America Pro’s

This company is apparently good for people interested in upgrading to a system that can be controlled by phone, which is pretty cool. It’s also worth noting that their motion sensors work better than ADT, which is a good thing for people with pets since their adorable animals sometimes trigger false alarms.

Protect America Cons

Their equipment doesn’t work sometimes and they promise to give you a full refund if you ever run into this problem. However, some customers have found this to not be true. Many unsuspecting customers sadly discover that Protect America has some kind of clause in their contract which ends up costing you close to $60 if the equipment doesn’t work. Even if you ask for a full refund, you may find yourself $60 poorer.


I personally don’t like putting my money at risk…no matter how small the amount is, so for that very reason i wouldn’t recomend going with this company. But to be fair, i’d say their security services are decent.