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Skylink Security Canada Review

Skylink Security Canada Review


Skylink is a company with offices in Brampton, Ontario and California, USA. They were established in 1990 and expanded to the point of having international offices in multiple cities across China. Their manufacturing facility is however located in China, about 50 miles from Hong Kong. Anyways, today I will be reviewing their most popular product, the Skylink SK-250 Connected Wireless Alarm System. Here are the pros and cons associated with the system.

Skylink Pro’s

So the Skylink SK-250 Connected Wireless Alarm System has a pretty good value proposition, based on price point alone. It is a very affordable solution for people on a budget. In addition to that, the hardware looks pretty good. I rarely ever hear anyone ever complaining about how the hardware looks which is quite awesome considering the fact that some companies equipment doesn’t look as good as the Skylink SK-250 Connected Wireless Alarm System.

Skylink Cons

However, the quality of this system’s software leaves a lot to be desired. I often heard people say it works but the apps associated with the system are very flaky….meaning the iOS app crashes repeatedly on iOS 11 and the Android app crashes frequently. This is very frustrating for most people because nobody wants to deal with these kind of issues consistently. Its time consuming and it can potentially leave your property vulnerable to an intruder with ill intentions. 

Skylink’s customer service is quite bad when it comes to giving you tech support. I’ve heard multiple complaints about this so no matter what you do, don’t expect help with connecting to IFTTT (a product feature that they claim it has). Skylink apparently doesn’t understand the problem. Many people keep complaining that they tried talking with customer service about this issue but it’s something that they never get assistance with. This is not good because the system doesn’t come with a guide to help you get it set up so you are basically one your own trying to figure it out.

Also if you have small pets, you will discover that this system will not work for you. Keep that in mind if you decide to get the Skylink security system.


The Skylink security system seems to have more problems with it than it does benefits but it is a very affordable solution. No one can deny that it is a decent choice for people who want to buy a cheap home security system. I would personally suggest looking into Frontpoint Security instead. However, if you choose to get this system, I would suggest taking advantage of these Skylink deals on Amazon.