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Think Protection Canada Review

Think Protection Canada Review


Think Protection is a Canadian based company that offers its services nationwide through out USA and Canada. It was started by Joel Matlin, the same guy who started Alarmforce before leaving to develop Think Protection. Anyways, enough about the history of the company…lets look at the pros and cons associated with them and see if they may be the right fit for you.

Think Protection Pro’s

Think Protection offers a very affordable home security solution that some people find attractive. They are basically the cheapest company in Canada when you compare their alarm monitoring price against other Canadian based companies such as Chubb Edwards and Alarmforce etc. The system isn’t very difficult to install and their customer service is pretty decent. Not necessarily the greatest…but decent indeed.

Think Protection Cons

Think Protection is not necessarily known for having the best home security equipment. I have heard multiple complaints about how their alarm goes off in the middle of the night for no reason at all…and to make matters worse, the only way to fix this problem is to apparently buy more products from them. I can totally understand why so many people get upset when they discover this problem.

In addition to that, I consistently hear that when your alarm system system goes off for no reason at all…you will have to call customer service to shut it down but for some strange reason, they force you to call another number in order to get assistance because they cant help you directly. In other words…you will have to go through a two step process just to shut the alarm off. I can see why people get upset about this issue…if they are being woken up in the middle of the night for no real reason.

Another major complaint against them is that their security camera does not integrate with any of their other technology and it’s only view-able from a separate application. It apparently has limited functionality and would be very easy for a thief to remove it…and even walk away with it if the chose to.


Its safe to say that Think Protection is a decent choice for people that only want to save money. If their equipment wasn’t so cheap and flimsy, they wouldn’t be a bad choice but unfortunately, thats the price you will have to pay for going with a cheaper home security company. You can take advantage of Think Protection’s deals on Amazon if you decide to go with them. But before doing that I would suggest looking into Scout Alarm and Frontpoint Security because they offer similar services but with better equipment.