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Vivint Canada Review

Vivint Canada Review


Vivint is one of the biggest home automation companies in North America that can also set you up with various home security products and services. Their strength lies in the wireless technology which they depend on heavily. Here is a list of all the Canadian provinces that they serve:

>> Alberta

>> British Columbia

>> New Brunswick

>> Newfoundland

>> Nova Scotia

>> Northwest Territories

>> Manitoba

>> Ontario

>> Prince Edward Island

>> Saskatchewan

>> Nunavut

So, whats everyone saying about Vivint’s services? Here’s a list of all the pros and cons that are associated with this company.

Vivint Canada Pro’s

They have good customer service representatives that seem eager to help you with all types of issues. This is plus because sooner or later, you will need to contact them about something.

Another quality that stands out about Vivint is the fact that they are quite flexible with their contract terms. This is beneficial to you because you can negotiate your contract terms and actually get an excellent security system out of the deal.

Vivint Canada Cons

A handful of people have been complaining that this company sometimes bills you after you’ve canceled their services. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s good to know this problem can be resolved easily by calling their customer service team.

Another common complaint revolves around the touch screen thermostat which is mandatory for all customers. It seems to change your home temperature settings from time to time. This is a little annoying if you’ve taken the time to set everything up, only to find that it can change on you.


Vivint is a good company to go with if you’re interested in home automation systems. They excell at providing those kind of services and I would suggest giving them a call if you’re interested in getting those kind of systems installed in your home. Their home automation system is a little expensive though but if you are looking for a more affordable solution you may want to check out what Frontpoint has to offer.